What to expect in social media for 2018

            We are very close to 2018, so that means it is good time to predict what is going to happen with social media next year. As we all know, social media have big impact on global movements. They allow us to connect with each other regardless of our location. Today we can share information and quickly get informed about everything. If you are working for a company, then you probably know that marketing through the help of social media platforms is the best way to reach the customers. In 2018 we should expect several innovative things regarding social media. The following are some of them.

  • First thing we can expect is bigger involvement of videos. Videos have become top channel for connecting with the audience, so the visual content will likely be the mostly used form of communication in 2018. Video-driven content will get extra popular because videos receive better engagement from customers. People tend to react and comment more on videos than on other content like pictures or just words. Using short video clips that can vanish within one day has been very successful strategy of platforms like Snapchat or Instagram, so we should see that trend rising next year.
  • Augmented reality is another thing that will likely have great impact next year. This type of technology can revolutionize the way we use applications. Imagine if you are able to try different clothes without having to leave your home or go into a changing room? Or seeing a product and its options without physically going into store? Even attending music concerts can be done without having to buy a ticket and leave your home. All of this is expected to get developed more next year.
  • 2018 is the year when we should also expect to get more personalized content. Marketers will try to approach existing and potential new customers by offering them personalized content. This is a good strategy because everything will be personalized to the specific details of the person, such as gender, age, location, levels of income, education level, likes, and many other things.
  • Usage of Twitter as social platform will also likely increase. The numbers of Twitter users were slightly down in 2017, but 2018 should be the year when this platform will really take off. Twitter has recently launched new limit of 280 characters, which is double of what was previously allowed. That will make people say more and share more, and will also give plenty of opportunities to the advertisers. We should see some very innovative things from Twitter next year, so make sure you follow the latest developments.
  • In 2018 we should also expect to see a rise in number of chatbots on websites. The artificial intelligence is taking over every aspect of technology, so these chatbots are expected to become primary when it comes to monitoring websites and answering customers’ needs. The dating capabilities will expand as well. The dating app SexSwipes is currently working with AI to match users together and encourage them to us virtual reality to communicate. Chatbots software constantly gets perfected and we expect to see rise of usage of this software next year.